This podcast is focused on helping podcasters level up on existing shows that have audiences of 500 or more listeners who are not monetizing their shows and may be stuck in their growth.

Your host, Charles Max Wood got into podcasting in 2006 while working with a co-worker who bought an iPod back when they were new.

He started his own podcast in 2008 and began by interviewing the podcaster–Gregg Pollack–who had encouraged him to start podcasting.

He continued with that podcast alternating between interviewing people from the programming community and talking about what he was learning on his own.

In 2010, Chuck was laid off from his full time job and went freelance.

In 2011, another developer posted to Twitter that he’d love to see a panel podcast about Ruby development.

I got back to him and we pulled the show together.

Later in 2011, another developer asked me to help him start a show about JavaScript with the same format. I wound up mostly getting it rolling on my own.

I started a Freelancing show with more of my friends at that same time.

A few years later, I wanted to learn iOS development and started another podcast on that topic.

Since then I’ve been instrumental in starting another 12 podcasts and have produced and/or recorded more than 3000 podcasts.

In 2019, the podcast network grossed over $300,000 across 15 shows.

At this point, things have slowed down due to some Twitter drama and COVID-19.

This leaves Chuck in a position where he is looking at what podcasters can do if they have an audience, but no sponsors (we do have a couple) and in need of a team to run it.

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